How to Sync new Airbnb units with HostPlatform

  1. Login to Airbnb 
  2. Login to HostPlatform
  3. go to Host connect, click on Airbnb
  4. Click on the button above to “Connect with Airbnb” to pull new units in
  5. Go to listing integration, select Property & Unit and click on + New Integration
  6. Select Airbnb ID and Airbnb Listing from the drop down list
  7. Click on Advance Options, check Pricing setting (ensure the MYR amount to cater to Airbnb min amount in USD, e.g Extra guest fees >10USD , Cleaning fees > 5USD)
  8. Click Save and Accept.
  9. Sync status will turn green. (please contact your Account Manager if it turns red)