How to integrate/connect property

  1. Login to account
  2. Select a property
  3. Click on Account
  4. Select Connectivity Provider
  5. Click on Search button
  6. Insert & select HostAStay, then click Next
  7. Fill in and confirm contact number and email
  8. Tick and agree on Terms and Conditions & click Accept
  9. Choose ‘Correct me with the provider automatically’ & click Save
  10. Send property Name and ID to HostPlatform support team for further assistance on connectivity
    *E.g. Arte Plus by xxx (6714563)
    *contact HP team to assist

    After connectivity approval

  11. Click on HostConnect
  12. Select
  13. Click on + New
  14. Paste property ID and click Save
  15. Go to Integrations
  16. Click on Hotel integration
  17. Choose Property & unit, then select + New Integration
  18. Select Sync Existing Hotel & paste property ID
  19. Select ‘Yes’ button from the room type
  20. Select room type ID & name to sync
  21. Insert room rate for each room type
  22. Click on Advanced Options
  23. Go to Rate Distribution
  24. Double-check amount for cleaning fee
  25. Select Independent/Derived from Web, then Save
  26. Click Save again, click Continue, then click Sync
    Notes: Must click save → continue, then sync to reflect the updates to DO NOT change the date range to sync with