How to connect to Ctrip/eBooking new room type

  1. Copy property ID from Ctrip
  2. Login to HostPlatform
  3. Click on HostConnect
  4. Select Ctrip
  5. Click on + New Ctrip
  6. Paste property ID and click Save

  7. Go to Integrations
  8. Click on Hotel integration
  9. Choose property & unit
  10. Click on Ctrip Edit button
  11. Select ‘Yes’ for the new room type to sync
  12. Insert room rate for Ctrip
  13. Click on Advanced Options
  14. Go to Rate Distribution
  15. Select Independent/Derived from Web, then Save for Advanced Options
  16. Click Save again from OTA Integration, then click Continue, then click Sync
    Notes: Must click save → continue, then sync to reflect the updates to Ctrip.